Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nearing the Finish Line

     Okay, I know I haven't been great about posting updates or anything at all, but I've been doing a lot lately and haven't had much free time. This entry will be short and sweet. I'll be coming home in about 10 days!!! Hopefully, I'll be talking to ya'll soon enough so I can tell you in person about all the fun/work I've been doing. We just finished our VBS on Friday, and it was great! So much fun! This week I've got two fun days with the youth, one with the children, Bible study, and a David Crowder concert to go to. Then next weekend I'm going to visit Arizona for a couple of days - I'm so excited. After that, I'm gonna have to start packing... 

     I'm getting baptized in the Bay tomorrow. I've been baptized (sprinkled) twice before: once as a baby and once as an adult, but I've always wanted to be immersed. So I finally got the chance, so Pastor Alan is baptizing me tomorrow (Sunday) evening. I think that's all the updates I have for now. Love you all and see you soon!

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